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Meet The Founder


Tracy Youngston, Founder

       Tracy Youngston was born of Haitian immigrant parents. She was a 16 year-old teen mom that went viral. She was a fatherless child and her relationship with her mother was not nurturing to say the most. She was considered the black sheep of her family, a delinquent, and a girl who's destiny was death and/or jail whichever came first. Alienated by her family, talked about, kicked out, and a fighter. That 16 year-old young lady was angry, feisty, and had a big mouth. We all know those combinations do not work out too well for ANYBODY. Tracy battled with depression, low self-esteem, and self hate. Nevertheless, Tracy had to make a choice to change and be victorious or remain the same and become a statistic. 

       The light bulb switch turned on when she started caring for newborn daughter. She un-enrolled herself out of the law magnet high school and enrolled into an alternative school (kids don't try this lol) and became a beast. She graduated at the top her class and a year early. There were scholarships galore, some into many of the prestigious colleges but she declined them all because she could not leave her daughter behind. She started at the bottom of the tadpole.

        Tracy is a believer, speaker, transformational life coach, a Family Nurse Practitioner BC, an educator/professor, an entrepreneur, a Nurse Novice to Leader developer, and a philanthropist. Her heart rest with nursing, girls, and young adult women.

        This program was founded because through her journey there were people that invested, poured, warred, and believed on her behalf that made it a little more possible each day. Supporting, non-judging people, who see the "where I am going" versus the "where I am now" is what girls need. Tracy wants to impact the world, girls of all ages and ethnicity because they all need it. She will not stop until she do so. One girl at a time. 

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